With Valentine's Day coming around the corner, I find many women are left feeling disappointed because they put expectations into the "wrong guy." I like to think I have a good understanding at discovering the difference between the "Valentine's Day date guy" (aka the "relationship material" guy) vs the "hook up only guy."

I have found that Romeo and Juliet stories rarely exist these days and that as women we let meaningless and sometimes superficial things cloud our judgment when it comes to deciding if the guy we are "dating" is "relationship" or "hook up only" material.

So I'd like to share my insights to help other females figure out if the guy they are dating will be doing something special for them on Valentine's Day or if he will be missing in action on Cupid's big day.

  1. Are you the one constantly bringing up "Valentine's Day talk" like things to do, places to go, or which flowers you do or don't like?
  2. Do you feel like he's full of it and himself?
  3. Did you hook up with him after meeting him on the first day or first date?
  4. When you're with him does he always bring up ending the night in the bedroom?
  5. Do you ever have meaningful conversations with the guy or are your conversations strictly via text message?
  6. Does he ever offer to help you with things such as housework or career advice or does he just offer to be your "stress reliever"?
  7. Do certain things about him drive you insane? Or worse yet, do you find yourself  barely talking about him or talking negatively about him to your friends?
  8. Is the guy always there answering your phone call or does he only call you after midnight and on weekends? Do you hear from him after two or three days?
  9. Has he ever met any one of your friends or does he try to skip out on meeting them? And if he has met your friends, do your friends like him?
  10. Do you feel like all he ever does is tell you what you want to hear as if he's always charming and gives you generic responses?
  11. Does he only give you compliments about your body or maybe even tells you what to wear or that you look better with eye liner?
  12. Has he ever taken you out on more than one date?

I'm sorry to tell you this, but if you agree with even one of those questions then chances are the guy you are dating won't be doing anything special for you on Valentine's Day. So do yourself a favor: let him go now and make plans with your single girlfriends.