Born with spinal defects, Quasi Modo is a 10 year old female pitbull and dutch shepherd mix.

According to E! Online because of her spinal defects, Quasi has an appearance of a hunchback and with that hunchback, has awarded her owner $1,500. The contest took place at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California and Quasi Modo had even come in second place last year. She and her owner are originally from Florida and beat out 26 other contestants.

On the competition's website, Quasi's biography read, "I was abandoned at an animal shelter and because of my strange looks life was looking pretty grim. Luckily, one of the veterinarians there saw the sparkle in my eyes and took me home. I have multiple birth defects to my spine. My back is too short for the rest of my body and the parts went together in the worst possible way. In spite of this I still run, play and enjoy life to the fullest."

It continues on to say, "My appearance can be a little unsettling to some (I have had grown men jump on top of their cars to get away from me because they thought I was a hyena or Tasmanian devil), but once they get to know me I win them over with my bubbly personality".

Quasi Modo will also go on a media tour and undergo a makeover on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.