Heather Levia, an eight year employee of McDonald's, was fired after she personally paid for firefighters' meal. The firefighters walked into the McDonald's where Levia was the shift manager and ordered 25 sandwiches bringing the total to $83. According to the NY Daily News, Levia contacted a supervisor to see if McDonald's would pick up the tab and when they declined she reached into her wallet to cover the cost for the firefighters who had just come from battling a blaze.

Later on that day another group of firefighters racked up a $70 order and once again Levia paid for their meal out of pocket. Her choice to pay for the food out of pocket has since got her terminated. She posted a statement on her Facebook page stating, "Would you ever think that someone would lose their job for giving to those who risk their lives to save ours."

I applaud Levia, who is a single mother of twins, working two jobs while going to nursing school, for stepping up and giving back to the heroes of her community. I don't agree with McDonald's firing her. What do you think? Take my poll here: