After months of delays, the Mayflower II finally left Fairhaven's dock this morning at 6:15am. Its destination? Back to itshome on the Plymouth waterfront. The vessel is dry docked each winter in Fairhaven, but it spent some unexpected extra time there this year because project managers weren't able to find enough durable white oak to complete some repairs to its hill and frame. Apparently, pieces of white oak this size and shape are very hard to find.

“They’re not off-the-shelf timbers. They’re cut from living trees that are growing in the woods.” -Peter Arenstam, manager of the maritime artisans department at Plimouth Plantation, Boston Globe.

Businesses on the Plymouth waterfront say they've sorely missed the 56 year old replica of the Mayflower this summer. They will be welcoming back the Mayflower II with open arms. She'll be open to the public as soon as she docks and the gangways are down.

Below is a picture of the Mayflower II leaving this morning...Fairhaven's shoreline can be sign on the right. Picture courtesy of the Cape Cod Times.

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