The other night, I was driving down Rte 6 in Mattapoisett minding my own business when I passed "Salty".


You know Salty, the Seahorse who has inhabited  the Corner of US Route 6 and North St. for close to 50+ years. As I'm driving by and I noticed that his eyes light up blue...something I've never noticed before. Seriously, the thing looks evil, but not as evil as it would if it had red light up eyes.  He stands 38 feet tall and was built by Theodore Tetreault in the mid-1950s to bring tourists into  Henry Dunseith's gift shop that once occupied the corner. When Henry passed away in 1988 he left Salty and the gift shop to the Mattapoisett Land Trust. Salty almost met his terrible demise when the Land Trust had considered removing Salty, but many Salty fans came to his rescue. He has since been rewired, painted and mounted on a new pole. You have been out for an evil looking seahorse at night..