At Fun 107 we know that the hardest part about being single is the idea of having to approach someone and start that first, sometimes awkward, conversation. So at Friday night's Kiss Me, I'm Single party we're breaking the ice for you.

The point of going to a singles party is to meet other singles right? So if you are a little apprehensive about approaching people at said party, it might make the night a little rough.


That's why Fun 107 has come up with a fun (and perhaps profitable) way for you to talk with other singles at White's of Westport this Friday's the Matchmaker game and it's beyond easy to play.

Every single person in attendance on Friday night will receive a playing card. Guys get a card from the black deck, girls get a card from the blue deck and everyone has a mate they must meet up with.

If you get handed the ace of spades, you've gotta make your way around the room finding the guy or girl who also possesses an ace of spades. They are your match and when you find them you can check in with the Fun 107 staff to get entered to win the night's Pot O'Gold!


Yep, just by finding your match you'll be entered to win the night's grand prize which includes beads and candy, but also restaurant gift certificates and cold, hard cash!

And if your fellow card carrier isn't your life match, that's cool too. Cause when you find your first match you can get another card to find another single out there to break the ice with and earn another entry for the Pot O'Gold.

It's a win-win!

So no worrying about how to talk with the other singles at Friday night's Kiss Me, I'm Single party, cause with Fun right in our name you know we'll make sure you're having some!