The future of password protection has evolved.

According to Independent Co.UK, the popular worldwide credit card company, Mastercard, has found a way to create a software program that recognizes your identity for online purchases, payments and personal reports through "Selfies" and "Fingerprint Scans".

The plan is to replace passcodes and pins with a more personal approach in attempt to avoid a higher percentage of fraud.

"Of those who tested the software, 83 per cent said it was more secure than passwords."-Mastercard

Plans to branch the plan out to the U.S. as well as other countries worldwide is already being talked about by Mastercard.

The software will be available for phones, PC's and tablet devices via download.

Through careful calculations, the software will use a combination of "Behavioral" Features that will help with identifying each individual and match them to each own's MasterCard account.

The vocal identification features include:


-Voice pitch

-Pronunciation of each person's voice

The physical appearance features recognize:

-The shape of the larynx

-Vocal Tract

-Nasal Passages