Massachusetts woman, Denise Rebelato, is being accused of taking a cab driver for a ride, and refusing to pay a $980 cab fare.

According to Huffington Post, when Denise Rebelato returned from Brazil and grabbed the cab at JFK Airport. She had the driver, Adnan Chaudhry drive her to Framingham, MA, which is about 15 miles west of Boston.

The cab driver estimated the ride would cost between $850 and $1,000, and she agreed to pay it. However, when the cab finally arrived at Rebelato's home, the fare was $980 and Rebelato allegedly told Chaudhry the money was in her house.

She came back 10 minutes later and told the driver she didn't have enough money and her credit card was no good. Then, she got a free ride to Framingham Police station. She told authorities she wanted to pay but said,

I have so many problems. I just came from Brazil.

Police then charged Rebelato with larceny over $250, and this is her first offense. Keep in mind she went from JFK Airport to Framingham, MA. Judge Robert Greco was amazed at the cab fare.

From New York? From New York, you said? That's how much it costs? They have buses.

Thankfully for the cab driver, she didn't just catch a cab in Brazil. That cab fare would have been pretty high, and most likely she wouldn't have had the fare either.