A long awaited hearing about whether or not bathrooms and locker rooms should be open to anyone regardless of their gender will happen on Tuesday on Beacon Hill. Here are the two points of view (for and against).

This proposed law would prohibit discrimination in places of public accommodation such as schools, restaurants, stores, theaters, etc. By offering protection in places of public accommodation where people experience harassment and discrimination, this law would increase productivity, freedom, and safety for transgender youth and adults who are employees, consumers, residents, and students.  --Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

This bill grants special rights to people with Gender Identity Disorder to enter any bathroom, locker room, or other “lawfully sex-segregated facility,” they choose, regardless of that individual’s anatomical sex. It would endanger the privacy and safety of women and children in public bathrooms and locker rooms, opening them to men dressed as women, and also to potential predators who claim to be confused about their sex. There is no way to distinguish between them. --Massachusetts Family Institute