Burial and cremation aren't the only options people are looking at for after they die.

UIG/Getty Images

Instead of a burial or a cremation, some people are choosing to be cryonically frozen after they die. In fact, hundreds of people are choosing this option according to abcnews.go.com

Being cryonically frozen is like putting your body into a thermos and being thawed out after a few decades or so! Some choose to be frozen because they want to be revived and brought back to life.

The Cryonics Institute in Michigan has its own founder, Robert Ettinger, frozen there and now his son, David Ettinger handles all of the matters there.

Ettinger states that “You don’t want to revive people, of course, until you can repair and cure what they died of, which is going to require a wide range of science,”

Since it's founding in 1976, this particular Institute has housed about 200 "patients", which is the word they use for the dead.

It costs about $28,000 to freeze and store until it's ready to thaw and revive! Yikes!

The only thing that is somewhat similar to this process is a small clinical trial called "emergency preservation and resuscitation" or EPR which works with patients who have had heart trauma. By freezing them for no more than an hour, the doctors have more time to treat them and to cure their injuries.

Not sure if it's the option for me, but it's definitely amazing to see what science can do for us and how far we've come because of it!