A man in Nebraska has sued Wal-Mart, saying the failure of an overfilled plastic shopping bag led to the death of his wife.   The lawsuit says the bag broke outside of a Wal-Mart store near Omaha in April of 2010.   William Fries claims the cashier placed two 42-ounce cans of a La Choy product and a 2-pound bag of ice in a single bag and handed it to his wife Lynette.

The bag broke as she carried it to her car and one of the cans fell on her right big toe.  The lawsuit says that the fracture and cut in her toe led to an infection that spread through her body.  It claims that despite antibiotics, hospitalization and two surgical procedures, Lynette Fries died in March of 2011. 

The lawsuit says Wal-Mart failed to properly train its employees on filling the bags or when double-bagging should be done.   It seeks nearly $657,000 for medical and funeral expenses.