According to WPRI, one suspect in yesterday's double murder has been cleared, while another has been arraigned. Malcolm Crowell, 22 years old, was arrested at his work at OnProcess Technology in Fall River just after noontime yesterday. He was the boyfriend of 25 year old Vanessa Perez, one of the murder victims. David Rodriguez was the boyfriend of the other murder victim, 40 year old Evelyn Burgos. The two victims were mother and daughter. Burgos has been arraigned on two counts of murder. Police say Crowell is no longer a person of interest in connection to yesterday's double homicide.

An Amber Alert was issued yesterday morning after a toddler was discovered to be missing from the crime scene. Two year old Isaih Perez, was found wandering the streets of Providence last night. He was to be evaluated at Hasbro Children's Hospital before being released to relatives, but he had no apparent injuries. Crowell has also been cleared in the investigation of the Amber Alert.