When I visited the Wicked Hobby store in Wareham over the weekend for our live broadcast, I found out about a trading card game I've been in the dark about for the past several years.  I've certainly heard of Dungeons and Dragons, but nothing about Magic:The Gathering. 

From what I understand, Magic is played with 2 or more players either using cards or playing online.    Each game is between wizards who use spells and creatures on the cards to defeat their opponents.    They also have a tournament system where people gather to play each week.   Apparently new sets of cards are released each year, which is very good marketing by the Wizards of the Coast company that manufactures the cards.

As I watched just a couple of minutes of a Magic game being played, I realized the skills involved are much more than I am probably capable of at this time.    When it comes to cards, I'll be sticking to Go Fish.