It's been a bad day for "Dogg"...the plow driver who posted a viral video of himself intentionally plowing in cars during the blizzard...and laughing about it.  His profanity laced Youtube video has been removed...but you can still watch it here. 

We've noticed a number of plow drivers coming to his defense on our Facebook page:

Matty Graves NOT BREAKING ANY LAWS and doing what WE PLOW GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. were not getting paid to make sure your car is shoveled out,were getting paid to CLEAR THE ROADS so you people dont cry. get over it

"Teresa Strawn Funny! He only said "Outloud" what every plow driver thinks! People should find off road parking- especially in Blizzards! Then they wouldn't have to complain! hahaha"

Maygan Soares Lol there's parking/driving bans for a reason people. Seriously? This isn't anything new, just get over it and move on!

Personally, I don't think people were as upset about him plowing the cars in as they were with the unabashed joy he displayed while doing it.

Now, the question becomes...should he have been fired?  Take our poll below.