For the past five months, Loren Petisce has shown her love for animals on and off the air. She loves her cats, and looks forward to anything cute sent her way on Facebook, and other social media networks. Today, a line has been crossed.

I was in the FUN 107 Studio minding my own business, which basically means I was plotting another prank on somebody when I heard a ruckus. Can I describe the ruckus? Yes, I can.

In the Sleepover Room, a.k.a. Loren's office, I heard Loren scream, "Don't kill it, don't kill it! I'll save you, you poor little buddy." Apparently, a spider wandered in there, and like any other woman would react, Kara The Intern wanted to squash it, but "Animal Loving" Loren Petisce decided to save it by placing it in a cup and bringing it outside to set it free back in the wild.

The only animal that I've seen Loren shy away from is snakes. She's got quite a love for animals, even spiders. I don't get it. The whole "kill a spider and it'll rain" myth is just that, a myth.

Since I didn't have my camera rolling, here's the dramatization of what happened.