Hey, Loren here. As you know, I'm new here to FUN 107. I'm also new to the South Coast area, as I lived my whole life in RI up until very recently.

I am learning a lot here, not only at the radio station, but about the food in the area! Last week I tried cacoila (which I definitely thought was pronounced "kah-koh-la"), but now I know!

Today, I tried 'cheese roll' for the first time...and....I am so bummed! I thought FOR SURE that I would love cheese roll!! It's cheese and bread, two things I love, but no....I DIDN'T like it! I kept eating it in hopes that somehow I would magically start liking it, but no!

I'm so bummed! I really want to give 'cheese roll' another chance, there's no way I can't like something that is made with bread and cheese.

So...I ask you this, where is your favorite place on the South Coast to get a cheese roll?