Everyone knows that Loren from the FUN Morning Show is an animal lover. She has four cats, and would probably welcome more animals into her home if the opportunity presented itself. Michael Rock provided that opportunity in the form of a cockatoo.

Since he won't be here on Thursday, and Loren won't be here on Friday, he decided to celebrate her birthday early by presenting her with some gifts. Watch the video below.

Unfortunately, things proved too good to be true for Loren Petisce, the adoption was simply nothing more than a prank from Michael Rock. He tried to put her in a position where a cockatoo, whose lifespan could easily go beyond Loren's, would have to be put in a will to keep it in the family.

Michael wanted to see just how far Loren would go before she would say, "I just can't accept this gift." However, Loren being the animal lover she is, gladly opened up to "Kindall" which backfired on Michael Rock. Watch the video below.

Thanks to Mellisa's Pet Depot and Pink Box Desserts for helping us out. :)

Here's a picture of the amazing cake they made for Loren.  She absolutely LOVED it!!

TSM/Kristen Pacheco