Chivalry might be dead, because a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Or better yet, the romance is dead in the case of a first date gone so wrong, like creeper status. London man Kishore Nimmala, 32, allegedly snatched his date's phone after she refused to help pay for their bar tab according to the Huffington Post.


These two love birds met on Zoosk, so she thought it was her date's obligation to pay for the £54, -- that's $84 -- bar tab. When she refused to help pay the tab, the gentleman allegedly followed her, then stole her BlackBerry and took off running. Two passing policemen joined the chase and eventually caught him. Now they are in court until some settlement can be reached.

The joys of online dating. I say brink back love connection with Chuck Woolery.  Don't act like you didn't watch it.