A local grandmother from Wareham will get the surprize of her life tomorrow when she returns from Hyannis to find that her home has been totally redone thanks to the generosity of over 100 local businesses and induviduals who donated time and effort in  turning Cindy Jeffers small 2 bedroom home into a home that is now double in size, has handicapped access for her 12 year old grandson named Jeremiah who has  cerebral palsy.

She also cares for a 5 year old grandson as well. Cindy, who has helath problems as well just thinks she is returning home to a new room and a washer and dryer, and has no idea whats in store for her when she returns on Saturday.

Victor Fernandes learned about the family over the winter. His disabled son Noah is enrolled at the Schwartz Center for Children in Dartmouth, where Jeremiah is a classmate of Noah's

Fernandes' Team Noah Foundation  got together with 2 other foundations, Cameron's Kids and the Trevor/Jordan Alves Foundation, putting together a team  that got  businesses, organizations and individuals into the huge project to remodel the home.

The home was stripped right down to the frame and rebuilt to the tune of around $150,000 worth of renovations, all which have been donated. Even new furniture was just delivered as of Friday. Even though renovations of this magnitude take about three months, the job was completed in about a week thaks to the hard work of many individuals.

Check out Jeremiah's Project on Facebook to see hundreds of photos of the home makeover.