has just posted a breakdown of all of the richest people in each state in the US. 

Only three of the members of this list have an estimated net worth of under one billion dollars. That shows you how wealthy these people really are.

Here in Massachusetts, the honor goes to Abigail Johnson. The Harvard grad stayed here in the state to become the President of Fidelity Investments (the company was founded by her grandfather). Johnson is worth a reported 18.2 billion dollars.

Jonathan Nelson is the richest year round resident of Rhode Island (worth $1.8 billion), but that fortune is dwarfed by the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison. Ellison spends most of his time living in California, but purchased the Astor's Beechwood Mansion in Newport for 10.5 million dollars after seeing it from his yacht. He spends a weekend or two there a year. Forbes lists the self-made billionaire's net worth at about $50 billion dollars.

The wealthiest person on the list is Bill Gates, who lives in Washington State. He is worth a cool 80 Billion dollars, which must be nice. He also stands out from many of the other members of the list because unlike the majority of them he dropped out of college. Now, Gatest he can buy all of the degrees, or even a university or two, that he wants to.

The rest of the list is made up primarily of entrepreneurs, widows and heirs and heiresses. There are also a few relatives on the list, most notably a few members of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton's family.

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