Lil Wayne is in ICU after suffering yet another seizure. Sources say the rapper is unstable and that he has been placed in an induced coma. Other reports say the scene by his bed is very sad as many people are there and crying. A number of rap artists and family members are supposedly on the way.

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UPDATE: Reports coming in now that say the seizures did take place but he is now recovering.

Lil Wayne also reportedly sent out a tweet from his twitter accounts, but some say that it may not have been Weezy. Some are saying that it was his friends sending out the message to his fans, while others believe that his account may have been hacked.

Update 10:28pm - CNN is reporting that Lil Wayne did suffer a seizure and is recovering in the hospital. Wayne's record label tweeted out that people should not believe the critical condition stories, and that he is alive and well.