There are things in this life that most of us take completely for granted. Especially as a healthy woman, there are lots of things that just never happen to cross my mind in daily life. But when they are somehow brought to my attention, you almost wonder why you never thought of that before.

This may sound very strange, but one of those things are nipples.

As a healthy woman in my early 30's I've always had my nipples. But for hundreds of thousands of breast cancer survivors, nipples will never be taken for granted again.

Most recently and perhaps famously, actress Angelina Jolie discovered she was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation and opted to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Christina Applegate had undergone that same surgery back in 2008 after being diagnosed with breast cancer and finding she too carried the BRCA1 gene mutation.

And both women were only in their mid to late 30's.

John Sciulli/Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

And though they can both clearly still rock a red carpet, there was an aspect to the double mastectomy surgery that never once crossed my mind until I saw this video.

(Warning video NSFW)

To me this woman's bravery is amazing. That is an extremely personally part of her life that she was willing to share with the world to give women like me a better perspective on just how life changing everything she went through really was.

And equally amazing is the tattoo artist giving these woman a piece of their confidence back.

Though I truly hope to stay healthy in life, I also hope that if the future has other plans for me I can be as brave and open as this woman was in order to show other patients and survivors that even the simplest things can change your life.