I used to refer to myself as a Golf Widow, complaining constantly about what a burden it was for me to have my husband at the golf course for 20 hours a week. But after all of my hemming and hawing, he finally said “Just try it, you'll like it."   

So I tried it. And I LOVED it! I've shifted gears from hating golf to learning to love and embrace it. In fact, I finally realize how much easier some things are because of his golf habit.

  • 1

    Gift Buying is a No-Brainer

    Golf Equipment can range in price points. If I need to buy a big gift- I can go for the more expensive stuff like a new driver or set of clubs. If it’s a smaller gift I need, I can get him some new balls and tees or a Golf Pass that gives him access to other courses in the area.

  • 2

    Its a Fun Date Night

    Suddenly the golf range is my favorite place to be on a nice evening. We laugh, we hit stuff and sometimes, we get ice cream afterwards. Win-Win!

  • 3

    It Keeps Him Active

    Sure, there are other ways to get active but walking 18 holes on a mixed terrain really does his heart good.  I don’t worry about him getting out of shape because he knows how much it would impact his golf game if he let himself go.

  • 4

    It Keeps Him Social

    If all he had going on was work and home, he’d have very little to talk about.  A day out with his golf buddies negates any awful thing that may have happened at work that week- making dinner conversation a lot more tolerable, waking up a lot more pleasant, and idle threats of becoming a stay-at-home dad far and few between.

  • 5

    It Gives ME Free Time

    Maybe I’ll spend the Saturday at the beach, or roaming the aisles of Target or vegging out with a Kardashian marathon. Whatever I want to do, I know that I have two whole days to do it.