Larry's fine, don't worry, he's just going through an issue that every parent goes through.

So now that Deb and I are home with our new son, Andrew, we're starting to have a little problem with our oldest son, John who's 3 1/2 years old.

I think every parent goes through some sort of potty struggle with their kids and for us, it's happening right now with our son John. Over the past month, he's been having problems realizing when he has to go to the bathroom and when he does realize it, he has some problems in there too.

It wasn't always like this though. We started training him in March and he caught on pretty quickly, so we were pretty excited with our big boy.

However, now that he has a little brother, we've been noticing that he's been asking us a lot if we'd play with him, while we're taking care of Andrew or if we'll "change him" while we're changing Andrew.

Clearly, he just wants some attention and we're giving it to him while also trying to juggle things with the new baby. We always try to include him in things that we do with baby Andrew so we'll just see if that makes things better.

We had some listeners call in today and one woman suggested that when we have people over, to make sure that they go see John first and maybe bring him a small toy or something. The whole point is to give him attention first and make him feel important, then go see the new baby.

So we'll have to start trying different things like that, especially since John is scheduled to start preschool next month. Hopefully, it'll be a short phase.