Yep, you read that title right. Your childhood downfall, The Oregon Trail is back again in app form.

Miss being able to settle down in the old wild West? Well, the new app developed by Gameloft, The Oregon Trail: American Settler has just the cure for you!

So we all remember the computer game from way back in the day and the old school graphics that went along with it. That was cool way back then but now, the game has received a facelift and it looks better than ever. has reviewed that game and says that although the app is similar the game "Frontierville", it still has those characteristics that make The Oregon Trail so distinct.

Many of the computer games' features are back in the app, characters getting sick with cholera or dysentery, someone looking at someone else's wife, a random flood that destroys half your town, all those problems are back in the app as you try to navigate your family along the trail in that rickety old wagon.