So iOS 7 has been released for a day, and I can tell when I have some technology expertise when I get calls and emails from people that I work with, friends, and family complaining already about the brand new iOS 7, and they want me to fix it.

This morning I fixed J.R.'s iPhone on the FUN Morning Show. I gave someone else some advice on battery draining issues that usually exist with a newly installed operating system, and I have suggested to certain people that maybe switching to Android is the way to go, because I believe it's a more stable platform.

Hi. My name is Larry. I was an iPhone owner. The functionality of the iPhone is extremely simple to use, and the easiest "smartphone" to tackle. Android's more advanced operating system handles multitasking, with apps and widgets, without the cost of your battery. I sometimes don't charge it for two days, and still have at least 40% battery power. When's the last time an iPhone made it through a whole day. That always bugged me.

The closet Apple Store is currently in the Providence Place Mall. I never have considered myself a genius, let alone an "Apple genius," but maybe I could make some extra money opening up a kiosk, giving pointers and fixing those iPhones that need it. Here's some free advice. Make the switch. Learn the beauty that is Android and be happier.