If there's one thing I save money on for my family, it's haircuts. I usually go month after month without stopping into the barber shop, and just let the hair grow. Today, for the summer, I buzzed it down.

When I was a kid, my Dad would bring into the bathroom, sit me on the throne, and pull out his home haircut system that he got from Sears back in the day. It sucked, because, after about 5 minutes, the blades would be scalding hot, but he insisted on giving me a buzz cut for the summer so I would be cooler. And by cooler, I mean temperature-wise, I was anything but cool.

Now that I'm 35, because of the constant summer buzz haircuts, I'm now in a routine where, around this time of year, I buzz it down. It DOES feel cooler, and not too many people can pull off the look.

Another reason why I do this, is because I don't want to look like my Mom. When my hair gets that puffy, it looks like her hairstyle which I just can't have.

So I'll see you in the Fall when I get haircut #2 for 2013.