Whoever came up with the "Cupcake Reveal Party" is a smart person. It's really a lot of fun, and a great way to find out if it's a boy or girl with those who are close to you, so the joy becomes that much greater.

Since announcing that we were expecting our second child, the #1 question asked to me has been, "What do you want, boy or a girl?" My answer has never changed. I even said when Deb was pregnant with John, the most important thing is "healthy." Everything else is a bonus. With that being said, either would be a win/win for me.

My son John has told us he'd love to have a little brother to play with, so going into it I'd love to give him that wish, and having one of each would be awesome too. It would make me an even better Dad to have a son and daughter in our home.

So Monday night, we invited some close friends, co-workers, and family over for the "Cupcake Reveal." Here's how it works for those interested for their own reveals. Go to the ultrasound, and make sure you tell the technician that you want them to either write down, or note it on one of the pictures, the gender of the baby. Find someone you can trust to drop the "secret envelope" to a local bakery, and bring the cupcakes to a party where everyone takes one. Count to three, bite into it, and watch the surprise before your eyes. It's really great to get that innocent first reaction.

So what are we having? Watch the video below to see. Deb and I couldn't be happier as our family will grow by one later this Summer.