On Facebook, I mentioned recently about some big news going on in my life, and here it is, after nine months of waiting, our new baby is ready to arrive!

I am incredibly excited to announce that my wife Deb and I are going into the hospital Tuesday, to have our second son, Andrew.

We're going in early, like we did with our first son, John. It's going to work out really well because the fear of my wife driving around, or being here at work while I'm not around won't be in the back of my mind, because she will be induced.

So wish us luck! I'll be off for the rest of the week, but keep an eye out for pictures! I can't wait to share some photos of our new son with you!

UPDATE - 7/8/14 7:47pm

Almost 8pm and still no baby boy. :( It's okay though, figuring this wasn't going to be an easy road to go down. Just getting into the hospital was a task in itself. We called all morning to finally get in around lunchtime, only to wait and wait as the emergency births came in, which is expected, it almost feels like being on stand by waiting for a flight.

Anyways, the doctor finally visited us around 6pm, and we are now beginning the process towards seeing our little one. It looks like he'll be arriving sometime tonight, or into the wee hours of the morn. I'll keep you posted!