You'll hear no apologies from the eccentric singer. Photos have begun to circulate the Internet of her spilling out of her costumes on tour.

According to various sources and interviews with Lady Gaga,

She's packed on the additional weight by enjoying her dad's Italian food, specifically pasta and pizza. And she doesn't feel bad about it. Her fashion line, "Haus of Gaga" has been commissioned to let out or redesign some of the costumes to flatter her new roundness.

Do you think she should feel bad about her fuller figure, or rock it? I have to say I love the honesty. I hate when I read a magazine article of someone famous and they say they can eat whatever they want, when it seems like they probably consume 12 net calories a day. So even with Gaga's dancing, she still put on weight. That means she's real. I like it. When she eats pizza, she gets heavier, like any other normal American Woman.

Check out a before and after photo here.