A recent contestant on "Kids! Jeopardy is claiming the show "cheated" him out of money over a misspelled word.  Thomas Hurley, and 8th grader from Newtown Middle School in Connecticut, has come out against the show, saying the misspelling of the words "Emancipation Proclamation" shouldn't have cost him the  $3,000 he bet.

The 12-year-old told a local newspaper that he is "pretty upset" over the loss, and feels "cheated out of the final."   Thomas' mother, Suzanne Hurley, adds that her son was "embarrassed" and it was "hard to watch" the show when it aired last week.

But "Jeopardy' is sticking by it's decision.  Producers say that host Alex Trebek was right to eliminate Thomas.   They say the show makes every effort to be fair and consistent in their treatment of contestants, regardless of their age.