Kesha opened up to The Sun about her bonus track 'Gold Trans Am' off the deluxe edition of her album "Warrior" saying the song began about her car which is a gold Trans Am but then became a metaphor for her 'V' area..Oh and if that wasn't ridiculous enough she enlisted her mother for help..

Kesha is starting to take things to a whole other level of 'trashy'..A few weeks ago I broadcasted a story on the Fun107 night show about her brother taking a video of her drinking her own pee while being drunk because someone told her it was healthy and she wanted to keep healthy,I thought that was pretty disgusting but now she wrote a song about her "female part" that she's comparing to her car?!..

Ok is this girl for real or is she trying to pull a "Charlie Sheen" on all of us because if she is she needs to stop,she's making herself look like a fool..Does she really think its going to be appropriate for a 10 year old girl to sing the lyric "Wham bam thank you man,Get inside my gold Trans Am"?!..If I was a parent I would NOT allowed my daughter to be a fan of Kesha's I don't care if she does or doesn't know what the lyric means,I would and I'd prefer my daughter(if I had one)to never find out the meaning..So to all of you parents out there with young daughter's I'd love to hear how you feel about this..