On Friday, TMZ posted the pictures which they say were taken at a party in Newport Beach last week. 

In the photos, Justin is seen laughing and chatting with other party goers while holding what looks like a hollowed out cigar packed with pot.   On Saturday, the Bieb tweeted to his fans, "i never want to let any of you down. i love u."   He also tweeted, "i see all of u.  i hear all of u.  i love u.  and thank u,".

TMZ also said that Justin's pal, rapper Lil Twist, who was driving Justin's Ferrari the day a paparazzo was killed trying to photograph it was also at the party and was handing out the pot.   They said that despite the presense of justin's security at the party, none of them seemed to mind that people were taking photos of the singer smoking the weed.