It is ON! Two of the (insert sarcasm here) manliest men in Hollywood feud in Spain!


Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom got into a fight early this morning at a restaurant in Spain. Rumor has it that Bieber made a rude comment about Bloom's Victoria's Secret Model ex-wife, Miranda Kerr whom he's flirted with before at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show a few years ago.

After the comment, Bloom threw a punch at the Biebs who ducked and screamed "What up, *****?" Keepin' it classy, Biebs.

Of course Bieber's reps are saying that Bloom threw the punch before Bieber said anything about Kerr. Hmmmmm...

Apparently, this incident has been brewing for a long time. Bieber's been flirting with Kerr for awhile and Bloom has reportedly been seen hanging out with Bieber's on and off again girlfriend Selena Gomez while they were on a break.

Best part of this story? The crowd cheered reportedly after Bieber left.