Justin Bieber has done the unthinkable, the #1 do not do cardinal rule when dating someone, he kissed and bragged.

At this point I strongly advise Selena Gomez to stay away from Justin Bieber, his antics continue to show how down hill and off the wagon he is going but now that RadarOnline has reported Justin bragging about taking Selena's virginity I hope she gives him the middle finger the next time they cross paths.

Justin Bieber was not shy at all as he began to go into detail as to how he ended up taking Selena Gomez's virginity back in 2011, but wait a minute he's talking about taking her virginity instead of saying how they both lost their virginity to each other so can we conclude that Justin was not a virgin before Selena?

Justin continued to say, he knew Selena was in love with him when she let him take her virginity which allegedly took place during a mini vacation the two shared together in Palm Springs, California. A source close to the couple said the trips purpose was 100% because the couple agreed they were both in love with each other and so Selena finally agreed to having sex with Justin.