Finally the girl who took the video of herself leaving Justin Bieber's bed early in the morning is revealed and speaks out but so does Justin Bieber and wouldn't you know it,each have a different story. Hhhmmm,I wonder who's telling the truth.

In the previous week a video of a mystery girl leaving Justin Bieber's bed in the early morning was leaked onto Youtube and took over the world,well kind of,but finally both the mystery girl(who you can see perfectly in the picture below)and Justin Bieber speak out about the video.


The 26 year old mystery girl's name is Tatiana Neves Barbosa,she is not a prostitute but she is a brazilian go go dancer, bodybuilder, and actress, who says Justin Bieber himself invited her over for a party and although she refused to kiss and tell anything to Globo TV she did however leave them  with a teaser saying "If I was sleeping in the bedroom just me and him what do you think happened".  Justin Bieber has also spoken out about how Tatiana came to be at the house.

Sources say that because of security issues Justin Bieber rented a house outside of town and yes there was a party held but Justin did not invite Tatiana,one of the other guests invited her. Looks like Justin is denying accusations of him inviting her over but has yet to deny accusations of them hooking up. So I guess we can all come up with our own assumptions as to what/if anything happened between the two.