The WWDC event where Apple debuts their new products is coming up on June 10th. In the video gaming world, Sony will show the brand new PS4 at the E3 Conference on the same day. It's a technology overload!

According to, rumors are already floating around that the new iOS 7 design have taken on a more "black and white" approach.

Sources have described iOS 7 as black, white, and flat all over. This refers to the dropping of heavy textures and the addition of several new black and white user interface elements. For the upcoming operating system, which Apple says will be unveiled at its June Worldwide Developers Conference, Ive has not simply picked areas of the software design to tweak. He has essentially made his mark on every corner of the operating system, according to descriptions from sources, all while mostly keeping the essence of what has made iOS so ubiquitous.

I just hope the iOS works, not like the iOS 6 debacle. And since the new Apple company without Steve Jobs loves to place an "S" in their products names, I wouldn't be surprised if the new iPhone was just called the iPhone 5S. Rumors are also circulating about a thumbprint security feature.

In the SONY world, the PS4 will be shown to the video game nerds at the E3 Conference on the same day. I've only seen what the controllers look like on, but they have a nice blue light on the front and the graphics on the demo games look cool too.

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