We all know that when Halloween comes it gives everyone the opportunity to dress up,playing the role of someone or something else for a night,and usually celebrities go all out so why is singer and "Dancing With The Stars" celeb Julianne Hough forced to apologize for her "Orange is the New Black" inspired costumes?!..

Julianne Hough says she's a big fan of the show "Orange is the New Black" along with the actress Uzo Aduba and the character she created so much so that this year she decided to dress up as the character Crazy Eyes for Halloween,but was bronzing her face to a shade of "darker skin" going a little bit too far?!..Fellow actress Martha Plimpton believes it was and expressed her thoughts about Julianne's Halloween costume choice via twitter. I don't know what's uglier,Julianne's crazy eyed contacts used for her costume or the tweets Maratha wrote about Julianne.


In Martha Plimpton's tweets about Julianne Hough's "Orange is the New Black" inspired Halloween costume she first starts off by saying how she's only speaking for herself when she admits to being stunned by the choice but then continues on by "asking to recognize that elevating morons to celebrity status does not help the world in any way"..so did Maratha just call Julianne a moron?!..Maratha doesn't stop there,she then adds more insults by tweeting how "not every pretty person with two legs needs to be famous,but people who DO things are okay".She finally ends her rant on Julianne's halloween costume choice by saying "it's not hard,white people: do not wear black faces."

Julianne Hough issued an apology stating it was not her intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. She realizes her costume offended people and she is truly apologetic for her choice,but this leads me to say..It's just Halloween people,Julianne doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body and isn't the whole idea of Halloween suppose to be built upon dressing up and acting as someone or something else for day so lighten up everyone,Julianne was just having fun being her favorite character on her favorite show.