While you may only recognize John Ratenberger (far right) as Cliff the mailman from 'Cheers', he has had quite the career doing voice work, particularly for Disney-Pixar. 

Starting in 1995, Ratenberger lent his voice to the 'Toy Stroy' cast as beloved piggy bank Ham. It was a match made in heaven, apparently, because Ratenberger has appeared  thirteen Disney-Pixar films, and will be in the upcoming 'Monsters University'.

Now, the PEZ company has given Ratenberger his own special line of candy dispensers to pay tribute to the characters he has voiced in the past. That would include Ham ('Toy Story' 1, 2 and 3), P.T. Flea ('A Bugs Life'), The Abominable Snowman ('Monsters Inc'), The School of Moonfish ('Finding Nemo'), The Underminer ('The Incredibles'), Mack the Truck ('Cars' 1 and 2), Mustafa ('Ratatouille'), John ('WALL-E'), construction worker ('Up'), and Gordon ('Brave').

The PEZ set will include all of those characters. it would have been great if they threw a Cliff one in, but no dice.