FIFA, it stands for Federacion Internacional de Futebol Associacion. It's the organization that is responsible for coordinating and making arrangements for the World Cup games every four years.

Some things that people may not have known about FIFA: 1) It is a non-profit organization with a 1 billion dollar reserve and 2) They retain all of the monies earned from sponsorship and ticket sales. The host countries actually kind of get left in the lurch.

I am following the World Cup Games this year and really didn't realize the  ins and outs of what is going on and why citizens of Brazil are actually very angry about hosting the World Cup Games.  This little rant from John Oliver actually puts it all into perspective. He covered this in last Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, his HBO program.  Quite hilarious.  Watch it and find out what is making some Brazilians so angry about the sport they love the most.

Warning: Some crass language