We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas. What if you had some extra money in your pocket so you can get even more presents and have a Happier Holiday? It’s time to “Get Lucky” with Miller Lite.

This weekend, the Miller Lite heads to Buster’s Bar and Grill in North Dartmouth this Thursday (12/19) to sign you up to win a brick of scratch lottery tickets. Also, they’ll stop by Knuckleheads in New Bedford on Saturday (12/21) to give away another brick of scratch lottery tickets. Make sure you stop by both Miller Lite locations to double your chances of winning, plus if they catch you drinking Miller Lite, they’ll hook you up with even more scratch lottery tickets so you can “Get Lucky.”

Don’t forget to text the word “MILLER” to 68683 because I’ll give away a couple of scratch lottery tickets as well to another winner Friday morning.

Get your Miller Lite this holiday season and make sure your holiday parties are stocked with the best. Miller Lite. Tastes Great. Less Filling. Happy Holidays from Miller Lite!