As I drove onto my street over the weekend, I noticed what I thought was part of a broken tree in my front yard. It was very windy so it was entirely possible.

As I pulled into the driveway, I saw that is was actually a Christmas tree. It was a used Christmas tree complete with traces of tinsel. Some of the needles were still on the branches, most of them had fallen off. It's late February so where did this come from? Did the wind blow it into my yard? If so, from where? Is it the upside down tree that I wrote about in December?

I moved it to the edge of my driveway, but what happens to it now? The time has come and gone to have the trees picked-up by the city. Can I build a bon fire and burn it like Michael Rock does? Probably not in my neighborhood. Maybe I'll try stand it in the yard.

It will look like a skinny wooden pole by time Spring arrives. Well whoever or whatever put it there, thank you very much. We did not have a real Christmas tree in our house over the holidays, so maybe you felt bad for us. I love these little surprises life has to offer.