It feels like two weeks has gone by since the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday and I'm at the point, right now, like I'm sure most of you are to just move on and try to get back to everyday life, if that's even possible.

With that being said, we've seen enough of the Sandy Hook Killer on T.V. I won't even say his name anymore because it's been plastered too much on T.V. in a short period of time. He doesn't deserve to have a name let alone recognition for what he did. He is a monster that did such a disgusting thing to ruin not only 20 Christmases for those first graders, he ruined lives. If you work for a television station, and you're reading this, we all know what he looks like and what his name is. Remove him from the T.V. please.

I'd rather see those children in the light they so most deserve. It's bittersweet to hear about who they were and how great they were by the parent's accounts, and at the same time, you have to feel a part of you slip away knowing their future was extinguished on Friday.

Please take the time to send us a card "To Newtown With Love." There are still a lot of scared and confused children that need love, support, and comfort.

There's also a candlelight vigil tonight (12/17) at 7pm at Grace Episcopal Church on County Street In New Bedford. Pray For Newtown.