It seems like its getting worse. Everyone with their cell phone in their hand every minutes of the day. Some people can't make a move without posting it on a social media site. " Going to work", Gonna make dinner and watch tv", "On my way to get my hair done", Headed to the Gym". Those are just a few things I see on a DAILY basis from some "Friends", along with pictures of dinner, and the cup  f coffee they are drinking. No one TALKS to each other, they text...NON STOP

Now, lets not misunderstand here. I'm not against the use of phones and social media, i'm against the OVERUSE of it. Its a great invention, but it should not control our lives. I see too many people walking around with their head down , focused on what is on the screen, rather than be aware of their surroundings.

America, put down the phone for a minute and enjoy life, and if you are doing that, keep it to yourself for a day or two. NO one needs to know your every move.

Check out a coach for UCLA who had just lost a player in a horrible accident get mad at a press member who decided his phone couldn't wait.