After a lengthy hiatus the music world, Lady Gaga is finally back with her new song, "Applause."  The song is doing well, and her fans seem to enjoy it, but is it getting her the attention tat she once had?

At one time Lady Gaga was the most talked about things in music. Her fashion, her writing style, it was all pretty unique. Since the release of "Born This Way" in 2011, it seems we are seeing a more toned down Gaga.

The meat-dress wearing, flower mask having, artsy performer seems to have taken her shock to a new level. So instead of crazy outfits, lately she's just wearing nothing at all.

With the world freaking out about Miley Cyrus and her twerking antics, perhaps Gaga has found out that her old ways to shock the crowds just isn't all that shocking anymore. The only way to get people talking is with sex. And quite frankly, sex sell.

The question here: Is Lady Gaga just trying a little too hard?