The rule of thumb is, if you pass by someone's desk and there is food displayed, you're welcome to help yourself. If that isn't the rule of thumb, guess what? It's "my" rule of thumb.

A listener came into the radio station at the beginning of the week to drop off Birthday Cake Oreos to Michael Rock. He has since been away and the cookies have remained on top of his desk.

If his door had been closed and locked, that's one thing. But, since I pass by his office on a regular basis, and the Oreos are staring me in the face, practically calling me with their sweet siren-like voices, I have no choice but to give in to their evil ways.

Am I the only one that helps themselves to food on other people's desks? Keep in mind that candy dishes, plates of brownies, cookies, and other nonsense fit into this category as well. I have included photos to back my defense up.