With 'American Idol' having some of its lowest ratings ever, 'X Factor' not taking off as planned and 'America's Got Talent' still putting along, is it just time to be done with singing competitions? 

As of right now, 'The Voice; is the only show that is able to carry any weight for the argument of these shows sticking around -- and it's just a ripoff of Simon Cowell's original 'X Factor' from the UK. Lucky for 'The Voice', it debuted before the US version of 'X Factor', and had more likable judges.

The only things left from the original 'Idol' formula were Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson, and Jackson won't be back next season. Who else won't be back? The other three judges. 'American Idol' is reportedly going to change it's format next season, but in reality is it just time for the show to go out with a bit of dignity left?

The Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj gimmick didn't work out, and now rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez wants to return? Why?

Let's be real, the world just isn't excited to see who the next big singer is anymore. It was cool at first because we didn't have something like it. Now every network has a version. It's only a matter of time before people start losing faith in 'The Voice', too.

We would be totally fine with just the audition rounds, but just the funny and horrible ones.