Today is the day iPhone 5 hits the stores as lines and lines of hopefuls armed with their iPads await the 8am opening of Apple Stores to get their hands on the latest creation from Apple.

Is it really worth the wait though. When you look at it, the only real visual difference from the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S is it's slightly longer to add an extra row of icons on the screen, and the new charging connector on the bottom of the iPhone. Some of the new features in iOS 6 involve turn by turn navigation, more Siri enhancements, Passbook, and a newly redesigned App Store and iTunes.

Since the death of CEO Steve Jobs, Apple seems to have focused more on the inside of the iPhone rather than the overrall design of the iPhone.

So has the iPhone run its course? The iPhone 5 marks the 6th generation of the phone that raised the bar for smartphones back in 2007. How long can Apple ride this wave? It's funny how when we see that little Apple logo on any device they have, we technology freaks start salivating at having the next big thing before anyone else.