On this day 10 years ago, Mark Zuckerburg invented Facebook in his Harvard dorm room. Today it is the largest network worth about $175 billion according to USA Today. In the last 10 years, Facebook has gained 1.23 billion active users and an average of about 6 billion likes per day.  With all of its benefits, I think it as some drawbacks.  I think Facebook is damaging the self esteem of American women.  No one could possibly live up to the picture perfect lives that are portrayed on The Social Network.

We all have those friends who brag about their perfect relationship, post photos of their winter get-a-away to somewhere tropical, or what delicious entree they are having for dinner and I think over the last decade Facebook has made many of its users feel self-conscious about themselves and their lives. Loren agreed me saying before she was engaged and married she would get a sense of insecurity when seeing her friends' relationship status updates. Larry thinks Facebook should set up a filter and approve what gets posted.

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