Well that didn't take long.  The first batch of pre-orders for the Iphone 5 have sold out.  It took the 4S 22 hours to sell out it's pre-order "launch day" stock.  So take a guess at how long it took for the Iphone 5's took to get gobbled up?  They were made available this morning at Midnight, 12:01am to be exact.  ONE HOUR later--that's right in SIXTY MINUTES--they were GONE.  ALL GONE.  That means that the 5's sold out twenty times faster than the Iphone 4 and 4S.

People who didn't stay up late to pre-order will now have to wait at least until September 28th to get their shiny new toy if they buy from apple.com.

Guess these Iphone things are pretty popular, huh?

Experts say Apple could sell 10 million Iphone 5's by the end of September!